Sunday, August 24, 2008

59km week, the best so far for the season

I managed to do the planned 20km run today and achieved the weeks target of 60k.

The natural variables were all in place (exactly how I had hoped for it to be) and the weather could not have been better, but I did my best to make it as extremely challenging for myself! I was out the whole of Saturday mall hopping and the day ended well past mid-night. This meant I barely managed 5hours of sleep and started with some really tired legs. Thankfully after the first 14kms, I settled into a great rhythm and could have gone on for another 10km.

I hope to do another 60km distance next week.


swapnil said...

dood u shud get a cbox on ur blog so that ppl can converse with u.
well i wanted to tell u that i am going 2 give the chennai marathon a shot aniwais..as i will get some exposure as to how to run in a marathon.
how about u r u planning 2 run in this marathon?

Girish said...

I manage to respond quite promptly on comments, so its not so bad. This is a lot easier and there is usually context to most things (as its linked to a post).
You might want to try the half marathon (do they have a full marathon in it?), do lotsa walking and mix it up with some running. Don't push your body too much, as its not trained to take the strain.
I will not be participating in the chennai marathon. The only ones which I plan to do are the Bombay marathon, Blore ultra and then there is this Himalayan 100mile race. Don't really enjoy the city marathons to much.