Saturday, August 16, 2008

Running all year round...

I have always been asked this question, how do I am manage to run all year round and still not get bored of it (at any point in-between). The answer is quite simple, first things first I enjoy running (without it, its impossible). But, to make is a self sustaining activity, you need a lot many more things.

Even after about 6 years of regular running, getting out of bed early in the morning is a very big effort, it is not easy. (which is evident from my Freedom run starting at 9am instead of the planned 7am). Plus on a holiday its even more difficult, as I don't really have a deadline which I have to beat (which is very much there on a working day). But, once I hit the road it is a lot of fun, relaxing and nothing like what it was to get me out of bed. I have to run in the mornings, don't really have much of a choice, the stray dogs and traffic make running in the evenings impossible (as I run on the highway). So running very early in the morning or very late in the night, I can beat the traffic but the stray dogs are at their very best and I have to be extremely alert, to avoid being chased by them.

The biggest thing which works for me is that I try to bring variety, add some fun elements, throw in some adventure and also reward myself. I plan and do a midnight run or a 4am half marathon or do a freedom run or run on a route I have never run before and yes run on totally unknown routes in other cities when I am travelling (Hotel Gyms just do not make any sense), all of these things at regular intervals and in small dozes make running more fun.

I love coffee and am also aware that too much of it is not good for me, so I try not consume any coffee during the week except on the days that I run, when I unwind with some strong coffee at my favourite coffee shop (and this does not necessarily need to be immediately after the run, I can also store these rewards and use it the next day).

Shopping for gear (shoes, singlets, energy drink, shorts, socks, energy bars........), at regular intervals I go out to shop for new things which would aid or make my runs more fun. There is no high like shopping for sports gear, it lasts a lot longer than shopping for regular clothes.

You need to have races to run and participate at different times of the year, running regularly becomes a lot easier. So you train for them, once you have zeroed in on a race. Its a lot easier to break it up week by week and to continue running.


swapnil said...

i am in desperate need 2 buy some sports gear especially the shoes:)where cud i get some xcellent gear at a really gud price in mumbai?

girish said...

Most brands are having discount offers these days in their main stores (Reebok, Adidas and Nike). Otherwise you can always visit factory outlets located at Parel, Chembur and the 'loot' multibrand chain store.

Hormaz said...

Hey Girish,
I couldn't agree with you more. Yes- the fun element def adds spice to the whole running experience. And yeah, the kick that u get out of shopping for sports gear beats all the other shopping experiences.
I just hope for two things: one, that they have more sports shops dedicated to various sports(like running) with expert/knowledgeable salesmen and two, there were more running tracks/routes (read as places)in our city which would make things really easy for runners like us.
And finally well done on your 15aug run.. even i had planned a run in the morning.but i guess the distance from my bed to the floor proved too much for me :) cheers!

Girish said...

Its always difficult to get out of bed, I face that everyday.