Sunday, May 07, 2006

Closure on the dates of GTM

Finally got a response from the organisers of Great Tibetan Marathon and the date is September 9, 2006. Looking forward to more details from them, so that I can plan the trip. I hope to do the half marathon there. Will need to devote atleast 10 days for the trip, hope I can make it.


Anonymous said...

Just so that you know, the great tibetan marathon is happening this year for sure, and the date is July 21st. will you be running it then ?

Girish said...

Yes, it looks like I will be running in it. Are you planning to run too? I don't want to wait for 2009, so July 21, 2007 looks definately on. I have written to the organisers of the Great Tibetan marathon, but they are yet to respond on how I am suppose to register, as the package they have proposed doesn't work for me as I am an Indian national. Let me know if you can help me get in touch with the right people (I guess you got my post by searching on Google and have a feeling that you have either pariticpated in it earlier or are connected to the organisers). I hope to do the half marathon as I am not sure if I will be able to do the full marathon at that altitude.