Monday, March 26, 2007

Disappointing Sunday run..

Everything that could go wrong before and during the run did happen. Physically I was feeling perfectly fine, but found it difficult to do just 10km, let alone 20km as planned, guess its one of those freak days when your body just says a big NO to running.

I had not slept properly over Friday and Saturday nights, thanks to India playing its crucial world cup match & the thrashing it got from the Lanka team & was watching flight plan the other day. All this made the early morning wakeup call difficult, so I started late in the morning at 8.30am, instead of the planned 7.30am. At the start of the run I almost tripped as I tried to cross the road, thanks to a lot of digging taking place all over Bombay (thank god for some good reflexes, which saved the day). After the first 35mins it was almost impossible to run, as I was feeling the heat (the winter is definately over!) and decided to cruise after that, barely finishing the 10km in 1hr 5mins.

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