Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Update on The Great Tibetan Marathon

Finally got some good news from the organisers of the Great Tibetan Marathon - July 21, 2007. They have got back with all the details for participation and a very special offer for Resident Indian nationals (it excludes NRI's), costing just Rs.7,700 towards registration fees for the marathon (basic package). They also have an advanced package costing Rs.40k for Indian nationals, which includes airfares from Delhi to Leh and a few other things (but no accommodation). Should any of you be interested, do email me and I will arrange to email the entry forms and other things. They have only about 250 seats, as its difficult to accommodate more due to the limitation in organisation of support services at leh (doctors, accommodation & medical care), its on first come first serve basis.

The basic package includes participation in the Day Hike on the 19th July 2007, Participation in the Breakfast run on the 20th July 2007, Shared transport to and from the marathon start and finish on the 21st July 2007, Participation and First Aid on the Marathon Day 21st July 2007, Invite to the Gala Dinner on the evening of 21st July.

Please note participation in the 19th and 20th July runs are compulsory as they would be testing your lung capacity & fitness for the acutal marathon. This also helps identify any early signs of AMS (altitude sickness). All participants are required to report at the Marathon office in Leh on the 16th of July and no later. Failure to do this will disqualify you from the marathon.

I plan to register for it this week and will finalise my travel itinerary as well. It looks like a good 13day trip for the marathon.


ipm said...

Hey Ironman welcome back!UR already back to the next thing hmmm? U never rest do ya? Well more pwer to the Ironman! Ant doubts now why u got that name?
Loved reading about ur stint in (lemme just call it Germany).I could almost picture it!
I am an eternal teacher and hence this suggestion.See how u like it.
Ever thought of chronicaling(spelling?) ur adventures and the marathon it?
Just work out the objectives of why this piece u want to publish will be useful and to who all.
If so start adding adjectives and analysis and other details to ur writings.Working out the objectives for publishing wil guide u in the same.
I do not mind volunteering to help u write it all down!!!! the teacher that i am ,i wanna have people learn about real life from real adventures!!
Bye for now.Will visit ur pages as soon as i can ..till u add some more meat to it!!IPM.

Girish said...

Thanks for taking time and writing. Really appreciate the inputs, will work on them, just need to take more time & work on it. Will try my best to incorporate them, I totally agree that currently I am taking the easy way out of writing a crisp online diary and that I need to put more meat into it to make it more useful and interesting.

Bedders said...

are you sure?! impressed. that will be, what, three marathons in a year? and all toughies?

Girish said...

Oh, did not realise that it would be 3 marathon in such quick time. Yes, one was in December, the other in January and now the third in July. I would not call the first two toughy, as they are on home turf (or familiar weather). But, the GTM one is going to be very different & difficult, and that is what makes it attractive and interesting.
The one after this will be in January 08, so will have a good break.