Saturday, March 17, 2007

My best long run till date...

As planned I started out early in the morning today. I knew I would not be able to do a long run on the streets - where I had run for the past two days, not only would it get repeatative and dangerous doing a 1hr plus run - with so many singnals and stuff (its so scary trying to cross the road without the signal turning green as you are never sure which way to look for the traffic), basicallz it would also not be very enjoyable.....

I was lucky to have found a friend in a local who decided to help me out by guiding me across fields (through forest area), stud farms and Sportsplatz, over a very beautiful 9km stretch in west Wettbergen, all of this helped make my todays long run the best ever long run till date (any run outside Bombay is usually quite beautiful), but this was very special. And what made it really special was the weather which was not only cold (compared to Bombay, but ideal for this part of the world), but there was strong westerly wind and light drizzle, the combination making the weather absolutely perfect for a long run.

The few things one needs to have, to be able run in cold humid weather is a baseball cap and some light gloves, rest of the gear does not really matter. After the first 50minutes in the countryside I did the next 35minutes in regular city traffic, taking exactly the same route I had taken the previous day. I did about 15km in 1hr 23min run, the initial run across the fields, ascorted by the wonderful local, who was on a bicycle, ensured that I kept a quick pace.

Pardon any mistakes wrt Z or Y, as the Deutsch (German) keybooards have them interchanged, not sure about the reason though.

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