Sunday, November 11, 2007

Three runs in four days & a 71km week

The final run of the week was tough. I had a slightly stiff right calf in the morning before start of the run, and I was skeptical about how much I would be able to do today. Things were not good during the first 45minutes of the run but after that things started to improve and eventually I was able to do about 21kms in 2hr 6mins, with a little huff and a puff. Yesterday's run was a lot easier, although the weather on both days was more or less similar. The only problem with yesterdays run was that I was chased by a stray dog on two occasions, even though I had started pretty late in the day - 8am. I did not initially realise why they were hostile, but afterwards realised that they had gone through a lot of pain the previous night (with diwali fire crackers - which tend to be very noisy) and this had irritated them a lot and brought out their aggressive side. I was the innocent victim and it was quite scary.

With this 21km, I have managed 37.5km over the last two days, which is quite close to the 40km target I had set for myself. And the week's total has again hit another all time high of 71km.


SAK said...

Hey, it does indeed sound very scary to be chased by the stray dogs. It is interesting to read your interpretation of their behaviour. You might want to look into keeping a foldable stick to protect yourself.

GM said...

Catching up with you blog after a while. Will post more comments to prev. posts later. Congrats on completing 71 KM in one week. Your prep is really coming along nicely. More later!

girish said...

Yes SAK, try my best to keep the stray dogs away. I have my cap to keep them at bay. This was a one off, it does not happen usually.

gopi said...

That's nice girish. For a novice runner like us your posts are a source of great inspiration. Especially seeing you trying hard to keep up with the running plan amidst of a busy schedule.

Even I faced the same difficulty the last week when I had been to my village for a cousins marriage. Lack of proper sleep, late night pre marriage celebrations,making arragements. I had to miss some week day runs. But managed to do two long runs which I would never forget. Running on the country side is an awesome experience.

And only a week left for my HM today night I plan to do a 1:40min run. Can you please advice me regarding the weekday runs, food and how to manage the following week for a comfortable race. But please do this according to your convenience.

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks GM, trying my best.

Girish Mallya said...

Hi Gopi. Thanks. Running in the country side is always refreshing, esp. if you live in a metro.

Please do not worry, you are quite well prepared for your half marathon, after the 1hr 40min. Take your marathon week easy. just do a couple of light easy runs on say a tuesday and wednesday of 3/4km each. last thing you want is a injury before your marathon. Have good amount of carbs thurssday onwards and keep yourself well hydrated. You will do well.