Monday, July 17, 2006

Bangalore city.....break time

I have finally been able to post on my blog after three long days. Since I am in Bangalore on a holiday I have been accessing my emails from a reliance webworld (its one of the most reliable cybercafes in the country, about 30million of the 40 million Indians accessing the internet use cyber cafes). But somehow it never allowed me to access my blog, thought I was able to access all other sites (except any blogspot ones), not sure why this was happening.

Past one week has been quite eventful and at the same time very relaxed, guess I needed the break.

The weather in Bangalore has been very pleasent. I finally managed to run on saturday and sunday, did about 5 and 10kms respectively. Both the runs were effortless, as the weather was amazing, althought it was an effort to get up in the mornings. Wanted to run again today, but just could not manage to get up in the morning.

I will write more about my experience in Banaglore when i get back to Bombay, I have lots of things to tell about the city in general.


uday said...

Girish, u have'nt been able to access any blogspot sites because the govt has the DOT to get the ISP's to ban the blogger sites - so if u are in India, u may not be able to access, anoy blogspot, typepad sites. its supposed to be a terrorist crackdown, and hopefully not the first step towards some sort of an internet censorship like what china does.

fortunately, they have'nt spread their power to clip wings of websites outside india though.

Girish said...

Thanks Uday for your help while I was unable to access my blog during the last few days.
Am sure this stupid mistake will never be repeated in India every again...