Monday, July 10, 2006

Scoop pictures from Shivaji Park incident on July 9, 2006

Police posing for the cameras (the place was buzzing with TV crews and press photographers) 9.30am

Police negotiating with the Shiv Sena workers to remove the road blockade. 9.30am

Sainks adamant on continuing their protest. 9.40am

More pics of the protest. 9.40am

Senior Shiv Sena party workers blocking the road in front of Meena Thackery statue 9.40am

The statue of Meena Thakery which was desecrated by anti social elements (ground zero) 9.45am

The smoke (from the burnt luxury bus) was visible from a distance of 100meters. 11.00am

A luxury bus being torched by the Sainks in the background, this took place despite having a very tight police cordon. This incident was followed by firing of tear gas shells by the police to disperse the crowd. 11.00am

Shops down shutters at Dadar TT for fear of being vandalised by the Sainiks. 11.10am

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