Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bombay downpour pictures (July 4)...

The above two pictures are from King Circle area.

Matunga central area

The above three pictures are from Matunga Road station area.

Picture clicked using my mobcam on July 4, 2006 at 3pm.


pappupager said...

Hey Girish,

Nice Pictures. How did you take these pictures? Were you out running during the rains? What camera do you have? The resolution seems to be very good.

Is it gonna be Italy or France on Sunday?

Girish said...

Thanks. Its been shot using my Nokia 3230, 1.3m camphone. I took these pictures while walking from Work to home on July 4. I wish I was running that day in the afternoon (though i did manage one in the night!). The pics have been taken on the default high res setting of the camphone. The picture have been colour corrected on photoshop (which is a must for all digital pics, but no material alterations have been made).

Its definately going to be FRANCE, beating Italy 1:0. The saturday match should see Germany beat Portugal 2:0.