Friday, July 21, 2006

Banned and back again....

Claim to fame - My blog was blocked in India for close to 5 days (so what if it was a mistake made by the regulatory authorities & ISPs!!).

It feels really wonderful to be able to access my blog and also post on it, after an agonizing long wait. I am sure everyone knows about the stupid steps taken by ISPs in India (overshooting their mandate by blocking popular blog sites in India). The government (DOT) directed the ISP to block 17 specific websites and blogs, but our extra smart ISPs, decided to block all possible alternatives of accessing the controversial blogs (by blocking the primary site itself, instead of limiting it the specific pages of the controversial blog - the straight forward way). Most of us were blaming the government (including me!!) and DOT for this blunder, but now it appears the ISPs are to be blamed for it. The government needs to punish the ISPs for overshooting their mandate, they need to demonstrate that their knee jerk reaction & incompetence will be severely dealt with (including a strong monetary fine)

I could not run during the week, as had to catch up on a lot of things after getting back to Bombay, but did managed to run in the morning and tonight (Friday) for 5.5kms each. I will follow it up with my Sunday long run.

Will post on my Bangalore trip over the weekend... with some pictures

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