Sunday, February 18, 2007

21k run.. & my 200th posting

This is my 200th post on the blog. So I decided to celebrate it by doing a 21km run (you could call it coincidence!!) today. This was my first really long run after the Mumbai marathon in January. It felt really good doing it in exactly 2hours. My legs are slowly getting used to long runs now.

It was nice running the last 8km around Shivaji Park (it has a radius of about 1.2km and I do it in about 6.10 - 6.20mins), which is a lot better and easier then running on the road all the way, especially with the sun and traffic. This is a lot better, as I am running with people who are seriously exercising & seem familiar as they run regularly. But, the sad part is that there are very few people who run out there, most of them are into brisk walk. There are a few runners, but they jog and usually use the outer radius (which is actually the road & has traffic).

I hope to continue running half marathons on sundays and will slowly increase in depending on which marathon I plan to run next. This should be enough for the time being. Will try to step up my weekday runs and be more regular with them, which should help improve my overall endurance & fitness. If I have to do the Great Tibetan marathon in July, I really need to work hard and improve my overall fitness, esp. breathing - I wish I could have a test to check on my ablity to run in high altitude (right here in Bombay).

Its been one year since I started to blog and am happy that I have been able to update it regularly..... (200 post in about 365days is not a bad average!)


Atul said...

Keep it up G...on achieving 200 mark... well I hope u have already fixed up ur keypad.

Girish said...

Thanks. Actually waiting for the day when I can comfortably blog from my mobile, post images and videos with ease... am sure the day is not too far away.

ipm said...

I congratulate u on ur 200th day of running. U deserve this lauding from urself and us as u kept on going without any letup.All the best for Leh preparations.
I hope this comment gets posted as the first try failed.

Girish said...

Thanks, need to spend time and plan the leh trip and also work on a budget for it (plus look for corp. sponsors if possible), hope it goes well.
My legs are feeling very good and the prep. is going well...