Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another regular week..

I managed to run on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. I did 6km on all the three days in around 33min each. The 1.5week break after the Bombay marathon was not good for my legs, they are not used to such breaks and its difficult to get them back to the pre-marathon state after the break. If I run continuously my legs seem to recover in a way which is suitable for running, but if I take a break the leg muscles heal in a way which is not very suitable for running. So I am now suffering from the aches, pains in my shins & calves, which accompany whenever one begins running.

I have decided not to take any such breaks in future, as they end up doing more harm than good, I need to run regularly (though i will wary the distance during the potential break time), just like I have breakfast everyday.

Now am just waiting for my legs to feel as good as they should.

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