Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bombay Kala Ghoda festival 2007

Kala Ghoda festival is a culture festival of Bombay. It primarily takes place in Town in Kala Ghoda area. Its a 15day festival, which is promoted heavily in the local media (thanks to Times of India - India's leading English language newspaper, having high jacked the event, sometimes it feels as if TOI is actually organising the culture festival, but when your promotion budgets are small these are some necessary evils that one has to live with). The culture fest is full of life, lotsa art - pottery, puppetry, sketching, exhibition of paintings, other works of art, street plays, tons of music, shows and everything else imaginable. Plus it also has an amazing food court, from the very best of street food to the top of line independent restaurants having small stall to promote their brand (multi-cuisine food in the true sense of the word). In addition there are lots of stall selling everything possible, including NGO having their independent stall promoting their cause and selling stuff to raise money. A great way to experience Bombay both for international and domestic tourists. A must go event.... for every Bombayite as well!

This is a modified Auto (Tuk Tuk) at the Kala Ghoda festival. Its Bombay's biggest culture festival, which takes place in the last week of Jan or Early Feb. This was the third year of the festival (its timed along with the Mumbai Marathon and other similar events, to get more tourists & travellers to Bombay, so you should read about it in the next edition of Lonely Planet)

A fighter Jet made out of POP, not sure about the model, but it looked really beautiful (don't think my photograph does justice to the work put in by the craftsmen)

I happened to see the elephant on my Sunday morning running route, this was the third sighting. I just love elephants and its great to see them in Bombay.

These are pictures clicked close to Juhu Beach. The Vintage car rally was also a part of the Bombay festival (the organisers are trying to have multiple events and activities, to that some day it could be made into a truly big festival on the lines of Dubai shopping festival or the visit Malaysia/Singapore kind of thing.


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Good snaps...thankx for sharing...

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