Saturday, February 24, 2007

No Sunday long run this week..

I managed to run thrice this week, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, did 6km,6km & 7.5km respectively. Will not be able to run on Sunday as am traveling, hope to make up for it by running on Monday and Tuesday, plus hopefully three more runs during the week, before the next Sunday. Next month is going to be a little hectic as there is lot of traveling happening, so will need to focus more, to ensure that I do 40+km every week.

Am currently planing for my Great Tibetan marathon as the organisers seem to be willing to make it affordable for Indian participants to participate in it, to make it a more broad based and popular event within India. A very encouraging move on their part. I am trying to explore a few travel ideas, I hope to get to Leh, via Delhi or Pathankot, followed by a 1.5day bus journey from Manali to Leb on a Himachal tourism bus (with tents and stuff bundled in the package as its not safe to travel in the night). Am also scouting for lodging options, Himachal tourism hotel seems like a good option, and am trying to find out more details from their local office in Bombay. Basically working on the logistics of the trip, as its going to be a long one, I am hoping to return from Leh to Dehi by Air, but am not geting any fares on any of the travel sites (is it too early to book???, maybe). Incase any of you have any suggestions do let me know.

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