Sunday, February 11, 2007

I had a good run today, did a little over 14km in about 1hr 22min (there is no way for me to know the exact distance run as my mobile phone distance calculator is not very accurate). The initial 5km was a little difficult but after that I got into a good rythmn and could have done a lot more kms today. So I think I am getting back to normal and should be able to do about 20km next Sunday.

There was a recent news item about Shivaji park Dadar (the place around my coffee shop stopover) having a special running track around it. I hope its true as this would ensure that there are lot more serious runners coming there (which is quite rare in Bombay) and would also help me run more kms on Sundays with less damage to my joints!

Am yet to download and post my recent pics, hope to do it without fail early next week.

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