Sunday, February 04, 2007

Overall position in the Mumbai marathon

I forgot to mention that I finished in the top 150 in the Mumbai marathon (can't recollect the exact position, given in the timing certificate), but this includes only those who ran with a chip (there are a decent number of people who run without a chip), but I can safely say that I finished in the top 200.

This position sounds very impressive, but I finished in the top 1100 in Singapore, with a time which was higher by 7 minutes. All this clearly explains the level of competition at the two marathons (Mumbai attracts only 1800 full marathon runners and this number was lower than previous year, compared to about 7000 in Singapore). I hope the organisers of Mumbai marathon realise this and start working towards making the full marathon an attractive event at Bombay, so that we can atleast double the full marathon participants next year.

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