Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to normal runs..

After a eventful and refreshing innovation, it was back to a nice easy run (what am I saying, i did the 11km run in about 59minutes, which is about 3 minutes faster than what I normally do) on Sunday. I decided against doing more as I did not want to push my body too much after yesterdays run, plus was planing to go for a swim late afternoon (sadly that did not happen as my pool is undergoing major renovation).

Have taken a few more steps towards Great Tibetan Marathon (GTM), have booked my tickets to Delhi and am working on the onward journey plans & return from Leh to Delhi, both of which are appearing very difficult... more in the next few days.


beanz said...

Hi - I've been reading your comments on bedder's blog for some time.

My family thought I was crazy getting up at 6.00 for an early run last summer - I can understand why you'd get up SO early.

What's the secret with dogs? The only thing I know to do is walk, then they don't think you are in the game.

Girish said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Yes, its a little crazy going for a run at 4am, but when the Maximum day temperature is close to 35odd degree Celsius, this is the only time its really pleasant (bearable!!).

A substantial number of stray dogs in Bombay are abused (kicked, beaten....), so they tend to be a little unpredictable and violent and that is what makes them dangerous (I don't really blame them for it), where as the stray dogs in smaller towns are quite docile and non interfering.

I used to initially use the 'walking past' method, but they would still chase, so now I hold my ground and drive them away with actions (without appearing intimidating). So am firm, showing no signs of fear and they now stop barking & chasing and retreat.