Sunday, April 22, 2007

Low key week...

This week was a little hectic so running was on the back burner, plus there was 'runners fatigue', its a new word that I have coined, which means - a little bit of mental exhaustion coupled with legs feeling a little heavy during runs (almost as if you were wearing weights). But, I did manage to run thrice during weekdays, as taking a break for me is worse than enduring runners fatigue (as then my leg muscles start to develop aches and pains out of nowhere). A little complex, but that is how it behaves, so rest is not really a solution.

I did the three runs of about 6kms each in a little over 33minutes for all three, which is what I try to target. During the past week I have been sleeping early which helps me get my much loved 8hours of sleep, plus makes getting up in the morning at 5am a lot easier. Need to pick up my kilometers in the coming weeks and also move to 4 runs instead of 3.

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