Sunday, April 01, 2007

Piping hot mumbai

I don't think it gets this hot even during the summers. While I was away at a hill station, facing temperatures (max) of 35-38 degree Celsius, Bombay was burning at 43 degrees, that it the hottest in recent times. I dread to think about the proposed load shedding in Bombay, should the shortfall in power not being met by

Today was not extremely hot as I started early in the morning around 7.15am (as I knew it was going to get hot). But it was extremely humid and I was completely drenched in sweat within the first 30minutes and regular water was just not good enough. By the time I finished 11km I was almost completely exhausted, so I decided to walk for the next one kilometer and then followed it up with a 5.5km run, which was the maximum I could push myself.

I badly needed a energy drink today and I need to ensure that I have my gatorade from next Sunday. I was in great shape today after my runs during the week and still found it difficult to do the planned 20km run, which I was doing very comfortably till three weeks back with just a 500ml bottle of water. So now I have good reason to believe that my last Sunday run was not good due to the extremely humid climate (makes me feel a little better!!).

Hope to replenish my energy drink supply at the earliest, can't afford to repeat today's performance again, especially due to the fact that I have no control over weather (both heat and humidity!!).


nikhail said...

awesome dude

Girish said...

Thanks Nick. Very happy to see that you are keeping a track of my blog. Look forward to running again with you.

Bedders said...

wow! you need more than an energy drink after running in that heat. And here I am just today running in shorts for the first time since Sept last year! Keep it up. And if you want me to send you some SIS drink over let me know.

ipm said...

Anybody home?Or they r on the run?i mean the road run o'course,
What keeps one going on a hot sweltering day with humid fumes coming towards u from all directions? Not to speak of of the terrible heat trying to get into ur shoes from the concrete beneath ur running feet!
Is there some magic? Er do u fly? Or what keeps u going cool/health drinks notwithstanding?
Jus wnted to know what keeps one going in these conditions.Here in Vadodara,Gujarat,i would not want to venture out from my A/C comfort!It is sweltering hot.The dry heat burns the skin and saps u no matter how much water u consume.
He he all this verbosity just to tell u how i admire ur guts to go out there and keep at it NO MATTER WHAT!Way to go Ironman!IPM.

Girish said...

Hi! I know 40+ sounds really difficult, but with time your body gets used to it(its just that the change has been sudden and out of turn this time). So a gatorade more than does the job.
I find it difficult to run in anything but shorts, even in Germany I was wearing running shorts.

Girish said...

Thanks Ipm, the energy drink or water does not really make you feel any better, Its just that you mentally know that your body needs it and will be able to cope better.
Baroda heat would be more hard but humidity would be quite low, so overall both places even out.
My body is now slowly getting used to the temp, hope this sunday is a lot better.