Friday, April 13, 2007

Saturday night run...

I managed to run thrice during the week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and did 6km, 7.5km and 6km respectively in good time. Have been doing quite well this week, but plan to do a lot more over the weekend this time.

Have finally decided to do the long overdue night (actually a very early morning) run. Hope to start at around 4.00-4.30am for a half marathon, which would finish just before Sunrise at round 6.30am or earlier. I hope the past two days of continious runs does not impact the Saturday long run.

This run is not only a interesting variation, but will actually give me a good idea/experience of running in pleasant weather (that is the time the temperature is at its lowest) and the positive impact on my run (hopefully it should result in a lot less effort). Plus gives be a real opportunity to wear & test my special reflective vest (which has been with me for over six months!!). The only fear are stray dogs, they tend to be at their worst when its dark, am keeping my fingers crossed.

I have had a good high carb meal tonight, to keep me fit for the run. Plan to take a bottle of Gatorade and a energy bar for the 2hr odd run.

Need to get up very early in the morning, so its time to rest, hope to catch up on my sleep after the run (hope it will not be too hard to go back to sleep). Looking forward to make the most of my Saturday holiday.

I plan to follow it up with a light 10km run on Sunday, hope there are no nasty surprises during the half marathon tomm. morning.....

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