Sunday, October 12, 2008

Things are improving..

This weekend turned out to be a lot better than what I had expected out of myself. I managed a reasonable 12km run in about 1hr 20mins and followed it up with a 20km run in 2hr15mins. It was a bit of effort and yes my legs are a little strained due to the training. But there seems to be no injury, thank god for small mercies.

Now I only need to stick it out and keep chipping away and aim for a 50+ week for the next 3-4 week, don't think I want to push my body with a really long run. Will attempt it only if my legs feel really good on one of the Sundays, as the last thing i need is a injury before the ultra.

I have got most of the things organised for the Bangalore ultra on November 16, including my tickets for Saturday afternoon, to make it well in time for the Sunday ultra. I don't think I will be able to make much improvement on my 11hr 7 minutes time at the ultra, but am confident that this time my recovery after the ultra marathon is going to be a lot better.

I also have a very strong feeling that given my current training, the biggest benefit is going to come during my Bombay marathon. I stand a good chance of doing a time of under 4hr 20mins.


GM said...

Wish you the very best for the Ultra! Good speed Girish :)


Bedders said...

No doubt you will break 4:20. You deserve to.

Girish said...

Thanks GM and Bedders.