Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things going from bad to worse..

Things don't look very promising and I will need to take some corrective action to get things back on track.

Last weeks slide continued, I managed to run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I only managed 10.5km run on all three days. The Sunday run was the most difficult, my right leg is definitely not in good shape. Thankfully this is not a injury, its just strain and hammering my leg has received over the past few months. But, that does not make things any easier.

I plan to use the new week, which has tons of holidays to get my right leg back in shape. I can't afford to rest them completely as that will set me back big time and I won't be in the right shape for my Bangalore Ultra on November 16. So next week should see a good amount of cycling and swimming, I just need to find motivation to ensure that I do one of the two on at least four of the five holidays I have next week.

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