Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tough times..

I was away for quite a few days on work, but managed to put some kilometres into my training. The good thing is that this was around a steep hill on asphalt roads, which meant I could pack more effort with less kilometres. It also meant that my legs took some beating, I had some stiffness around my shins before I left and this sort of aggravated it.

I managed to run on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and did 6km, 9km and 6km respectively. Which does not sound much but the high impact doing downhill and the steep climb ensured that I kept up with my training going. But, when today I had a tough time doing my planned 20km and managed only 12km in about 1hr 25minutes.

I will try my best to get over this stiffness around my shins and manage some good distances over the weekend. Guess these are the after effects of the hard training of last few weeks. I hope I feel much better and legs are back to normal on Sunday, badly need a 35-40km run in October.


swapnil said...

hey dood, how do u record ur time n distance of running?

Mohan Apte said...

Ice you shins 2 times a day, dont let it degenerate into shin splints! Just keep a plastic mug full of water in the freezer and then rub the ice along the shins. Massage for 10-15 min 2-3 times a day and you'll feel much better.

Girish Mallya said...

I don't really record it now a day. I used to do it on my nokia 5500, but the sports software got corrupted (not as accurate as a gps one but it was decent). So have not taken up anything after that.

I have a fair idea of the pace I run on a particular day (have been running for a long time), and if its on my regular route, its quite simple.

I hope to buy a gps based recording device sometime later. But not really feel the need for it right now.

Girish Mallya said...

thanks mohan for the tips, but its not shin splints. Just need to take it a little easy... body giving me some warning signals.