Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bombay & Delhi reaching 10million handphone mark

I had a tough 10.5km run in the morning today, on a very humid day, making running very difficult. I did it in reasonable time of 1 hr 2mins. I hope to compensate for the distance by running again in the evening, do maybe 8km or so. My shin seem to be doing reasonably fine, have been running for four continuous days without much discomfort, but its still a long way from getting back to normal. If I am able to run and complete the evening run with reasonable comfort, that would be a very good sign.

According to today's report in Times of India, Delhi should be reaching the 10million mark by October 2006, followed by Bombay in December. And 10million hand phones in Delhi with a population of 15million is a very good number (as 4.5million of them are under the age of 10years), especially in a developing country like India. This should bring about the second revolution in the mobile space in Delhi and Bombay, as it would be increasingly difficult to ramp up the numbers after reaching 100% penetration (and I don't think there are too many of us with multiple mobile phones!!). This should force the mobile service providers to focus more on improving the value added service offerings & making the mobile experience truly reach the potential its really capable of. Their hunt for numbers and continuous reduction in price, has I believe reached rock bottom, you can no longer build numbers or revenues using pricing alone in these two cities. Looking forward to a promising future in the mobile space in Bombay.....

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