Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hot pursuit..

I have never run this fast ever, it was the fastest 100meters sprint.... Let me explain the background.

I was returning home after work at around 8.30pm. My residence is in a lane which is about 700meters off the highway. This lane is usually not adequately lit during the nights, today was one such day. As usual I was using my phone (to SMS) while walking in this lane (I was walking at the edge of the road, facing the traffic), a group of three were walking towards me (I did not notice them) and one of them decide to snatch my phone. As soon as I realised that they had snatched my phone, I decided to chase them (luckily my nap sack was comfortably placed on both my shoulders & I was wearing my new new balance shoes while returning home, as I needed to get used to them as they were pinching me). I happened to catch one of them (the guy who snatched my phone) and bystanders managed to get hold of the second one. And soon it was a huge bunch of people who where all set to beat the hell out of the thief. Luckily a plain clothed policeman was nearby and he controlled the situation. He then arranged for a police van, which took me along with the the two thieves to the cop station. Here I had to register by complaint - FIR (First information report) and the two guys were booked for stealing in a public place.

I tried to protect the thief from the crowd and thought that he would be safer in the hands of the police. Now I will have to wait for quite some time before I get possession of my mobile phone, as its evidence in the case. Also I will have to make an appearance, if the case goes to court. The thieves confessed to their crime in front of the police, but that is not admissible in court, as it was not made in front of a magistrate.

Guess I will now have to visit the Cheeta Camp police station at Anushakti Nagar a few times, to keep a track of the case and obtain possession of my mobile phone.

I did manage to run today for 7kms and completed it in a little over 42minutes. I don't think I will be able to run tomorrow as I will not be able to catch sufficient sleep tonight.


Payal said...

That's scary man...but you were brave enough to catch one of them.

I am glad that you are safe and sound and that everyone around you helped you catch the thieves.

Girish said...

Don't know how I managed it. Had I been mugged, I would have just handed it over and would have never chased them. But just the fact that he had snatched my phone and tried to get away with it on foot, my insticts just got into action.(and my distance running prepartion paid off!!)

Mandeep said...

"Oh My God" was my first reaction, but then I think you did the right thing. Our legal system might be slow and may test your patience, but you did the right thing.
On the lighter side, grow a moustache, so that any one else should not think of you as a kid and try to snatch things from you.

Khamir said...

do they atleast let u keep your sim card even though that would be part of the evidence...or is that non-negotiable? i suppose u would have to call ur cell company and block the sim. btw, did these guys have any weapons?

Girish said...

Our legal system being slow but reliable was something I studied in law school. But, reality is more stark than that. It definately would have been a lot easier for me to have just walked away after getting possession of my phone. I guess I will have to pay a price for upholding the law.

Girish said...

Khamir, the cops were kind enough to allow me to take my SIM and mini SD card.
Sorry to disappoint, they had no weapons, I would not have messed with them if they had one!!

Jagdish Pai said...

Girish you did a great job!

Girish said...

Thanks Jagdish. I will be paying a big price for it, but in the end, I feel it will be worth it.