Saturday, September 16, 2006

Slow recovery..

Continuing with my mid-week incident, I needed three days to recover from the thigh strain I suffered after my adventurous sprint. The sprint caused much more damage than what a competitive half Marathon would have caused. Let me explain what that means - when i run 20+kms the only thing that gets strained my calves and not my thighs, its only during a full marathon that I suffer any kind of thigh strain. So that would give you an idea about the effort I must have put in to cause the strain.

I did manage to run 6kms in the morning today, just to get in better shape for my Sunday run. I hope to start early tomorrow, well before 7am and I hope to do something close to 20kms, only if my the thigh strain does not restart.

Another interesting incident (pleasant one this time!!), was something that made me feel like a mini celebrity. I was returning home after a late evening function at Bandra yesterday night, I was dropped at a kalanagar junction by a friend. I took a Auto rickshaw (Tuk-tuk) from there and as soon as I got the driver had a continuous grin on his face. He mentioned that he had seen me a number of times running in Deonar, during mornings and evening and he had a lot of questions for me - why I was running, was I running twice a day, what was I upto, How was I able to do it, etc.... It felt really good being recognized (for a change), as I was formally dressed that night, compared to my singlet and shorts during my runs!! I enjoyed my share of fame for a few minutes.

Coming back to the theft incident, I am exploring the option of taking back my complaint. Based on what I have studied at law school I don't think it will be possible as a criminal offence is against an individual as well as the state. The state being an interested party, I might not be allowed to take back my complaint, though this is possible in a civil case. Am still hunting for the right answers to sort out this issue. If its not possible for me to take back my complaint according to due process of law, I hope to take the case to its logical conclusion.

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