Sunday, September 10, 2006

I ran 17.5kms today, it is really tough running in this weather (very hot and humid). I did the distance in 1hr 57mins, which included having to walk for close to 1.5kms as I was exhausted after the first 10kms. Guess its more physical and mental fatigue, thanks to the hot weather, which is taking a huge toll. I hope to start a lot earlier for my next sunday run (7am instead of 8am) and going forward, I hope to do atleast a half marathon on all sundays going forward. My this weeks tally is now upto (7+7+5+17.5) 36.5km.


Bedders said...

Good week's mileage. How you run in such heat and humidity beats me. Keep it up. Impressive.

Payal said...

I am very impressed with your persistence with the Marathon runs.

Sandeep wants to know if you are planning to run in the Rath Marathon in Delhi.

Good job...Keep it up!!!!


Girish said...

Thanks Ian, yes its quite hot and humid, esp. during my sunday long runs. But I guess its the best training I can have for the Singapore marathon, which is going to be equally humid. I hope to keep up the weekly mileage.

Girish said...

Thanks Payal. I am not aware of the Rath marathon, but I plan to participate in the Hutch Delhi half marathon on Oct 15, 2006.