Sunday, October 15, 2006

Timing device & start disappoints at Hutch Delhi half marathon 2006

Till 7.25am in the morning today, I was very impressed with what the organisers (Procam) had done for the second Delhi half marathon. But after that things did not go so well. The race actually started before time, not sure if that was intentional or planned, but this meant that I started about 2 minutes after that actual race & I asssue this did not get factored in my timing. Thank god, I was using my own stopwatch to time my race.

But the bigger issue was the error in timings provided using the timing chip. This was the first time, they were using this new chip in India (its the ankle strapped one, instead of the shoe lace one, can't remember the make/company providing it). Let me elaborate this with my timing which is mentioned as below in the certificate.
8km - 47min 49sec
12km - 1.22.53
14km - 1.47.46
21km - 2.05.50

The big error is the 14km time mentioned above, which should be more like 18km, but still can't understand why the timing device does not take the actual time of my start instead of the official start time.


Bedders said...

Girish - have faith and a bit of confidence in your undoubted ability. The fact that you ran in the hot and dry atmosphere and put in those times is a real great show. You will do your time at Singapore - no doubt. Get onto a time predictor web site (see my blog) and make sure what you are aiming for is realistic. If it is - then game over.

Girish said...

Thanks. I have used all sorts of time predictors and 4.30hrs looks very achieveable. I just need to put in more miles every week, this Delhi half marathon has come at the right time, exactly what I needed to get into overdrive....