Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Hutch Delhi half marathon 2006..

I had a reasonably good run on Delhi half marathon, even though I did not post a good time. I did the run in about 2hr 3min 30sec, this time was higher than my previous best of 1hr 58min in the first Delhi half marathon.

The weather was hot and dry, which made it difficult, plus the fact that it started at 7.30 in the morning. I start the first 10kms at a good pace and was doing fine and was hopeful of doing a time of under 2hrs, but as the temperature started to increase and the race moved to the wide open stretches that I start to feel the heat and exhaustion started setting in. At around 15km and 17km I just could not run and was crawling. But after I crossed 17km I started to get into a rhythm and picked up pace and caught up on a lot of lost time. But given the weather condition and my preparation I think I did quite well.

What it has also told me that I need to prepare very hard over the next 45days to be able to put up a good performance in the Singapore marathon, and achieve my dream target of 4hr 30min for a full marathon.

Its feel great to be back home in Bombay after a hectic weekend at Delhi. If I do decide to participate in the Delhi marathon next year, I am very sure that I will do a time of well under 2hrs, I just need to prepare a lot harder.


Athir said...

Congratulations Girish! This is a good springboard for the singapore marathon.

Girish said...

Thanks, hope to go upto 35km two weeks before the Singapore marathon, so that I am able to go a good time for the actual marathon. Badly need a good run. Hope your preparations are going as per plan. Best wishes...

Athir said...


I'm in the same boat as you. I was doing fine but had a hard time with some of the longer runs. Ended up not completing them. So I took a couple of weeks off and am just gearing up again. I hope to do 13 miles this weekend, then 16, 20 and 23 miles.

Should be interesting for the both of us!!

Girish said...

Its nice to have some company!! I think your schedule sounds good, if you are in India and putting those miles, that would be the ideal prep. for Singapore weather, incase you are not, then you might want to run a little later in the day to simulate the hot weather. The biggest challenge will be the heat & humidity for both of us.

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