Monday, October 23, 2006

Shiro - the best lounge bar in Bombay (Mumbai)

I had a very eventful and satisfying day today. I started early today, at 6.50am as planned for my 20km run. I did it in little over 2hrs and it was one hell of a smooth run, I only wish I had the same rhythm and frame of my last Sunday in Delhi. I would have comfortably done an under 2hr time. But the main differentiator between the two runs was the weather, not only did I start very early today but there was almost no direct sun (as it was partially cloudy), till about 8.30am (which is quite rare). Also the 20km included the Pedder road climb (for those of you familiar with Bombay's topography) at the very end of the run. To sum up it was one of the best practice runs I have had in a long long time.

I hope to continue doing 20+kms during each of the forthcoming Sundays (going upto 35km two weeks before the marathon) till December. I could not have asked for a better start, just need to keep up the momentum.

This 20km run took me to 'town' (South Bombay), heart of the city, so I decided to catch up with some old friends over breakfast and an extended lunch. The lunch took place at Hard Rock Cafe, which I understand is the first one in India. It lived up to expectations, in terms of music, acoustics, ambience and beverages, though the food and staff (they need better training) was a little disappointing. It is still worth a visit to hang out with friends, but not really for a meal for two. But the thing which really surprised me was a lounge bar adjacent to Hard Rock (at Worli, behind Mahindra towers & Phoenix mills), managed by the same guys who are franchisees of Hard Rock. Its called Shiro and it is the best lounge bar I have ever visited (by a big margin), it’s got the most amazing decor, lighting, the soothing sound of flowing water (real sound), seating, menu........ and the list goes on (Just sitting in that place is amazingly relaxing). In terms of pricing it’s marginally more expensive than Hard Rock (which in turn is similar to TGIF pricing, but better portions). But, it’s only open in the evenings from 7.30pm -1.30am. I hope they decide to keep it open in the afternoons on weekends & holidays, as I am sure they will get decent traffic. Shiro, Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai. Tel : 24383008


ipm said...

Good show mallya.Keepit up u ironman!! how is the niggling pain in ur foot now/shin? all ok now?
i will be excited to know about ur singapore marathon. hope u will post pics of singapore too.
i did not see any pics of delhi marathon? or something u liked there.
all the best for ur new cellphone.ipm.

Girish said...

Thanks IPM. I did not have a camphone to get pictures from Delhi marathon. I will have my new 2meg camphone for the singapore marathon, so should have some interesting pictures. The foot & shin seem to be in decent shape, hope to keep it that way. Waiting for my new phone, should be with my on Nov 1, if all goes well.

Athir said...

you know you now have to do the same thing in singapore (find the best lounge bar)!


Girish said...

This might be a little difficult but I sure will come up with some good joints to eat and shop. I am looking forward to some authentic south east asian food (multiple cusines) after the marathon and before that would like to play it very safe with regular food.