Saturday, October 28, 2006

Had two good runs of 7.5Kms each on Thursday and Friday, did both in around 44 minutes. Now I just need to finish off this week with a 25km run tomorrow & that would complete one hell of a calender week, with (20+6+7.5+7.5+25) 66kms, but if I average it out with about 22kms of the previous week, the average would be 44kms for the week, not bad at all.

Am looking forward to my run tomorrow, plan to start at 6.30 in the morning so that I can complete my run by 9pm. The weather is now getting a lot better, so am feeling very positive.

Have fought with the passport office guys and they should have my ECNR endorsed soon. And was pleasantly surprised that they would be couriering it to me, so that would save me an extra trip. Just hope this time they get things right!

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