Sunday, October 22, 2006

Recovery run..

I did manage to do a 10km run today, although it was a big effort as i was recovering from the mild flu; I did it in 1hr 4mins. I had to start later than I would have liked, as I was waiting for the smog to cleanup. Thanks to the Diwali - festival of lights (and sadly lot of noise and smoke), the air gets much polluted and it takes some time for the morning sun to clear up the air.

I hope to make the most of my long extended Diwali weekend break, to log some extra miles and bundle it with a lot of rest. I hope to do a 20km run tomorrow if everything goes well, hope to start very early tomorrow morning. Its going to be tough getting up at 5.30am in the morning on a holiday, as I am spending the night watching Schumacher for the very last time, can't miss this opportunity for the world. I know it’s not going to be possible for him to win the championship, but he sure will go down fighting. He never disappoints….

I hope to get myself a Nokia 5500 as a replacement for my previous phone which continues to be in police custody. This is the best sports phone available in the market (actually the only one), I need it for my preparation, as it would help me keep a accurate tab on the distance and speed during the last one month of my preparation.


Bedders said...

and all I worry about is the wind in Holland - you have smog, heat, humidity and goodness knows what else.

Girish said...

It can get difficult at times, but the best solution is to start very early in the morning....