Sunday, October 01, 2006

Injury prone..

I seem to be injury prone. The latest one being a slight pain at certain times in my left knee, and this is in addition to the old right shin strain (which is more or less under control). I want to be a little careful with the knee and hence had decided to rest on Saturday and Sunday. I hope it is just another temporary problem and not something permanent.

The planned trip to Sula Vinyards, Nashik has got postponed indefinitely, so am taking a well deserved break today at home. I hope to do my long run tomorrow and hope things improve by then.


ipm said...

Hi, ur date with singapore is getting nearer.If i were u i would think of maybe scanning the knee for verification.otherwise i am happy to read about ur progress.wish u all the best for tomorow's run!!

Girish said...

Most definately, I am keeping a close watch on it. I will go to a specialist if things don't get to normal in a week's time, can't afford to take chances. Just hope its not something major.