Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another week down. Managed a 10.5km run on Tuesday, followed by two 6km runs on Friday and Saturday. Did not have a choice but to take a break on Wednesday and Thursday as my left calf was sore. I need to get back to doing some leg strengthening exercises, so that they recover quicker, after longer runs.

Hope my legs are in good shape tomorrow morning for a 20km run, if I can just start early, by 7am. Am planning to change my routine Sunday long run, by running on the road all the way, for the entire 20km run.


beanz said...

I bet you've got great shaped legs ;>)

Girish said...

Today they behaved very well and I had a great run, so I am not complaining!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Girish,

Found your blog today..very inspiring..I live in Mumbai too.

Just started getting serious about my running and will be taking tips from you on and off..
For.eg. where is Gatorade/energy bars avlbl in mumbai.

Till date have only completed two half mumbai marathons ..but now serious for full marathons.. ;)

..run mostly in M'laxmi as close to home.
..maybe can run together sometime.

Anonymous said...

As I said,some more queries ..

..Is GTM still open.. how did you pay..can only see overseas links/prices.

maybe leh is good place as any for first marathon.

Girish said...

Hi Sandhu, first things first. Would not recommend that you have GTM as your first full marathon, the maximum you should attempt is a half marathon. The high altitude makes things very very difficult.

Yes, registrations are open and they do have special Indian resident national rate of 8k (for bare participation) and about 38k (for a package) - heavily discounted rates, email on the yahoo id mentioned in my profile & I will have them mailed to you.

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

The place closest to you for Gatorade & energy bar would be Pheonix Mills (Big Bazaar & My dollar store would stock them). There are two types of high carb bars available - Nature Valley granolla bar & Right Bite bars. There is no place stocking energy gels.

These days I am doing around 20km on sundays, which is either home to Pedder road or home to shivaji park (about 12km) and then 8km around the park (as its nicely shaded). Usually the latter.