Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad run continues...

Things just don't seem to be going right. I tried to do the 20+km run on Sunday, but just could not make it happen. It all started due to some hectic traveling on Friday and Saturday, which got me very tired and had a tough time getting up early in the morning on Sunday (started at 7am). And that was the beginning of the end.... With great difficulty I managed to do about 15.5kms in about 1hr 43 min, which included about walking for 1km at the halfway marked due to exhaustion. I also made the mistake of drinking water before the Gatorade, which added to my misery. With this kind of heat and humidity, water just does not work, energy drink (Gatorade) is the only thing one should consume.

The other mistake I made was to go for a long run, after taking the three day rest for the thigh strain. I needed to do a short run, before the long Sunday run. Luckily for me, the strain seems to have healed, but I did have some trouble after the run.... but today I could feel some improvement in my thigh condition.

I was hoping to run on Monday morning, but could not make it happen as I could not get sufficient rest on Sunday. So today I went for a 7.5km run to compensate for the Sunday run. Might not be able to run tomorrow morning as I need to catch up with work, but will still try and make it happen. This week is going to be crazy again, as there is more traveling coming up.

The only thing I am sure about is my Sunday run, I need to start at 6am or so, to beat the heat and have a good run.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girish,

yup the heat is really real now..I,m soaked just warming up.

But on the upside,day before,I ran abt 9k and was for the first time in my life my *shorts* (drifit) was totally dripping wet..made me feel like getting somewhere acheivement ( as it ws at a good clip too) ;)

p.s. you permanantly got the jeewansaathi hottie parked on yr site ..her stare's distracting ;)


beanz said...

sorry its not going well for you Girish

no ownder you struggled after the week you'd had

don't push it this week and see hwo oyu feel by teh weekend

take care of yourself - you've come too far to get injured now

beanz said...

crumbs, sorry, I should read through before I press 'send' - I get so used to Word's autocorrect of my finger fumbles

Girish said...

Thanks Beanz, things are looking up and the Sunday run will be the true test. I hope I manage sufficient rest on Saturday night.

Girish said...

Sandhu, I totally agree with you on the high one gets when one is soaking wet. But it starts taking a toll soon after...

how else do you think Google has become so big!!!, this is the secret of their success...