Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunday bounce back..

After the hot and steamy weather in Delhi, I was nice to experience the pleasant (relatively) early morning weather in Bombay. As planned I started my run at 6am (I know its a little hard to believe!!, even I had could not believe that I was able to get out of my house that early. It was special as I had slept late on Saturday night - due to traveling, tons of waiting at the airport and disturbed sleep due to excessive caffeine). And yes, I also managed to do my targeted 20km run in about 2hrs 3minutes and this was without any Gatorade to help me out, which make it truly special. Though I wish I had not forgotten to buy my supply of Gatorade, I guess that was one of the reasons for me being able to start at 6am, else it would have been impossible to do the 20km with just water.

I supplemented my hydration needs by having two pods of tender coconut after the run, it felt truly blissful.


Bedders said...

Sounds wonderful. All we get is two Bounty bars if we are lucky.

Girish said...

Tropical climate has its advantages!!