Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Managing the heat...

I followed my 20km run on Sunday with a good 10.5k run today. Since it was a holiday, I decided to take it easy (which means more sleep!) and started at 8.30am. As expected it was going to be quite sunny and hot, but I wanted to see if my ability to bear the heat had improved and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did quite well.

I did the run in a little over an hour. I managed the heat quite well, thanks primarily to the regular runs and the energy drink. My legs were not at their best but still managed a good time, though my left calf is a little strained after the run.

The biggest benefit of running in the sun, is the improved endurance (and maybe even immunity) to take on the sun & heat, whenever I go out the artificial comfort of indoors. Plus it also helps manage change in weather better, be it shuffling from air conditioned climate to extreme heat and humidity outdoors, or natural change in weather (esp. sudden drop in temperature). So, if I keep myself well hydrated and have my sun shades, there is absolutely no chance of a heat stroke.


Bedders said...

You know your body better than anyone but do be careful. My experience two years ago in Chicago was a real shock as I had done everything right but still had a problem. My problem was not caused by the undue heat or dehydration but by pushing myself to hard in hot weather. Always wise to have somewhere on your body a tag with your name address, phone number etc. as you just do not know. Take care

Girish said...

I know that its like to face exhaustion during hot weather and I take it quite seriously & walk for a while before regaining strength, to start running again.

And yes I do carry my mobile phone, ID & Credit cards with me, for any eventuality (but am quite sure I will not suffer a heat stroke).

beanz said...

hmm I find running in the heat very difficult - at the FLM expo, the Athens Marathon were pushing the race - I thought that would be too hot let alone out your way

Girish said...

Heat is very difficult for me too, even though I have lived all my life in Bombay (which is very humid round the year, only Singapore is worse).

You can never really predict how hard its going to hit you. Personally for me, I find it more difficult to run in hot and dry climate, hot and humid (Bombay weather) does not spring nasty surprises & is easier to adjust.