Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tough week finally ends...

Its been one hell of an eventful (not pleasant though) week. The most important highlight being my home computer crash, it just would not start, so I had to get possible help, to get it working again. Right from reinstalling the OS, to software, to hunting for different drivers, to just get that thing started. Its been four hard days to get it working again and am hopeful that I will be able to complete geta and it back to normal by tonight. I have a strong feeling that this was due to a virus attack.

Thank god, I did not have any critical data stored there, and I have to thank Google
for it. I am just waiting for the day when I would be doing all my work, including presentations on Google presentation and storing it there as well. Would never find a safer place to store and retrieve it data/information.

I did manage to run thrice this week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,did 6km, 6km and 7.5km respectively. Should have run on Friday as well, but was working hard to get my computer working again, life just feels so incomplete without it, inspite of having a office desktop and mobile phone with mail access. Tried to do a lot many thing with my mobile phone while at home, but mobile technology still has a long way to go, to be able to replace a desktop. The most important one being easy availability of ultra portable bluetooth enabled keyboards, which can be paired with the handphone. One can get used to the small screen, but T9 or for that matter a QWERTY keyboard is just not good enough for a person like me (not really into writing one line emails!!).

Coming back to running, could not help but venting my frustration on the blog (I truly believe in a always on world). Except for the Tuesday run, the other two were quite good and my legs seem to be in good shape. But, in my enthusiasm to compensate for the Friday miss, I ended up doing a full bodystretch and strained my thigh muscle trying to do a split, its just something that bothers me a little at the start of my runs. I guess I have been lazy and selective with my stretching, only focusing only on the muscles that aid me while running, I need to remember that there are many more muscles which need to be given equal attention.

Hope to wrap the week with a good run, early run on Sunday. Aiming to start around
6.30am or so, so that I can beat the heat. Actually even that is a little too early as my coffee shop opens only at 8.45am or so, so what am I supposed to do after my 2hour run!!?? Any suggestions.... till the shop opens


beanz said...

- oh, I know how you feel - my computer is giving trouble too....

as for waiting for the coffeee shgop to open - how about stretching ;>) or running longer ?

have a good run tomorrow


Girish said...

Thanks Beanz, lets see how it goes today... will keep it in mind.

After all the struggle yesterday night and today morning, the internet connection is finally configured..now I need to find some display drivers online!!