Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cranium - a super board game......

I had a tough 15km run in the morning today, I had a tough time running continuously after the first 8 kms, I was feeling sapped of energy and this was in spite of me using Gatorade during the run. I could not understand why that was happening till later in the day. The reason – I had skipped dinner the previous day, as I was feeling lazy and tired and this had a direct impact on my run (though I did have some fruits in the night and in the morning before the run). So from now on I will ever skip a meal before a long run!

I had an eventful and action packed day. I also caught up on a new board game – Cranium (it’s not available in India), but its one of the best board gameI have every played. It’s a great game to play with friends (it’s a team game), its is a combination of pictionary, dumb charades, spellings, general knowledge, using a putty to create objects, sketching, plus lots more… I highly recommend this game. To know more about the the game visit - http://www.cranium.com/our_products/cranium.asp

And yes I was able to get through the Hutch Delhi marathon organizers on phone and they have confirmed my registration for the half marathon. They would be sending the acceptance letter in a couple of weeks. Now everything about the Delhi marathon is complete. I will now have to make my travel arrangements for the Singapore marathon. I hope to do that in a couple of weeks.

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