Thursday, August 03, 2006

Good start ....

Its been three days and I have managed to run about 6km on all three days with a time of about 32min30seconds. The ability to maintain the same pace is the best part of the whole deal. So am on target for the 30kms planned for the week, even if I dont manage the fourth weekday run, I should be able to get past the 30km mark with my sunday run. But running 5 times a week is a habbit that I need to follow.

Happened to catch this elephant on the streets of Bombay (trust me this is a rare occurance, I have seen elephants only four times in my lifetime on the streets of Bombay!!)


Bedders said...

I feel lucky as when I was over in Mumbai in jan 2004 an elephant walked right past my taxi I was in. I grabbed my camera but it was too late to capture the moment. And my children didn't believe me! Great pics

Anonymous said...

Nice Pics! Come to think of it, I do not think I have ever seen an elephant on the streets of BBY. Just in the zoo!

Girish said...

Thanks for the nice words. All thanks to the Camphone, I am now able to capture moments so quickly and easily (a digicam is a pain). Am waiting for a decent Camphone, with lens cover, autofocus to be launched by Nokia (and yes something with negligible shutter lag, that is the biggest drawback of a Camphone)