Saturday, August 26, 2006

Delhi marathon organisers disappoint...

I have been running regularly this week, have done about 25kms this week and hope to complete the week with another 12-15kms tomorrow. Everything is going well, except for that old problem with my shin, just does not seem to go away. Might take some rest next week to find a permanent solution for it.

Am waiting to hear from the Hutch Delhi marathon guys (Procam International), they just don't seem to respond to my emails,( even after half a dozen reminders). I guess, I will have to use the good old method of calling up and checking on the status. Its really sad when a marathon which is marketed as the world's most prestigious & richest marathon is not organised properly. I have already made my travel and stay arrangements for the marathon, even without a confirmation. This is in direct contrast to the Singapore marathon registration process, where I was given an instant confirmation and I have already received three newsletters, for a marathon which takes place in Dec, 2006. Procam, the organiser of the Delhi and Mumbai marathon (it has already organised 4 marathons), has a lot to learn, to be able to manage and conduct an event at such level. They need to realise that organising a marathon does not end with getting big ticket sponsorship arrangement, that is just the beginning.

I just realised that I recently completed 100 posts....

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