Sunday, August 13, 2006

Uneventful week & a pleasant surprise...

I was pleasantly surprised with the way the police and state government had handled the situation after the recent Bombay blasts. It’s been almost a month since the blasts took place and I am very impressed with the way they have gone about things. The media has been giving them a hard time for not figuring out - who, how and why carried out the blasts and their inability to catch the culprits & the masterminds.

This is a first hand example of the urgency shown by the government authorities - I had a colleague of mine who has suffered partial hearing loss, who was given the promised compensation amount within 25days after the blasts. And this was without any speed money, the cops, hospitals and the bureaucracy was going out of their way to be helpful and supportive of the people who had suffered at the blasts. This was a welcome change from the usual response that one gets at many government institutions and bureaucracy.

This week has been an uneventful one (in terms of my preparation). I managed to run only twice during the week as have been facing some small problem with my right shin after the Thane run. Plus, I also had to skip my Sunday run today (can't remember the last time I missed it). Missing the Sunday run is something which is very difficult, but did not have a choice as I was not feeling right since yesterday evening and did not want to push my body. But, I might go for a short run today in the evening as am feeling much better after some good 12+hrs of sleep and rest.

I plan to makeup for my Sunday run by doing the long run on Tuesday, August 15, 2006, which is a holiday (Independence Day).


Athir said...

Hi there Girish. Just catching up with your blog. It was great reading about your 1/2 marathon performance. Congrats!

16 weeks until Singapore! I've booked a flight to India through Singapore so I will be there. I don't know if I can run the marathon or should just aim to do the 1/2. Either way, you and I should get together before the race.


Girish said...

Nice to hear from you Athir. Thanks for the nice words.
Do run the Hutch Delhi half marathon if you are in India around that time, that should help you in your preparation.
Even if you start preparing now, you should be able to do the full marathon, but if you are unable to devote the required time, you might want to take up the half marathon.
Yes, sure we should catch up, keep me posted of your travel plans.

Athir said...

I'm heading back home in about a week so I'll not be in India for the 1/2 in Delhi. Good luck though. Hopefully, they will do a good job with the organization.

So Singapore will be the our 1st chance to meet. I arrive a week earlier but am hoping to see relatives that are working in Hanoi Vietnam. I'll let you know the exact details of when I'll be in Singapore once I have them worked out. Looking forward to it.

As to what I'll run in Singapore, the funny thing is that in Canada I can run a 1/2 no problem. But since I've arrived in India, I can't run more than 10K, max. It's been driving me nuts. All, I can figure out is that this spoilt Canadian is not used to the noise, heat and humitity. ;-> Now Singapore is supposed to be hot and humid.

As mentioned, I'll be back in Canada soon and will work hard on my training. The only issue is that I'm back in India for 5 weeks before the marathon. I guess that I should stop being a wimp and just accept that marathon training is not easy. :->

Girish said...

If you have not done a full marathon before, then Singapore would not be the best place to try the first one. But if you have, then might be a good idea to do the full marathon.