Saturday, August 19, 2006

Online credit card purchases more secure....

This week has been quite good; I did about 15km on Tuesday and followed it with a 6km run on Wednesday and Thursday. I was hoping to do another 21km on Sunday by participating in the Andheri marathon, which I understand has now been cancelled. So, I will do my regular run today of about 15kms or so Tomorrow. Hope my shin problem does not flair up.

I recently discovered that I can't use my credit card for online purchases freely, it gets locked after three online transactions and the only way to get it to work after that is to register on the website of the bank issuing the card and to activate the visa secure or master secure. So till now I have been managed by using different cards, but now am forced to contact each of the banks to get the net banking password and to activate the Visa secure feature. I do a substantial number of my purchases online, but security has never been a concern area for me, it’s the shear convenience which makes it very attractive.

I believe that its a lot safer to use a credit card online than offline, its less prone to misuse and you get a charge back anytime its miss used online, almost immediately after you complain. I don't see much reason having a password protection feature for online purchases, it just makes the process difficult and inconvenient (difficult keeping a track of multiple alpha numeric passwords), especially with multiple credit cards. But, on the other hand I am sure it will make those skeptics take up online purchases with more peace of mind and reassurance!

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