Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Independence Day run...

I had a tough 15km run yesterday, as the weather was very humid (cloudy but no rain). Throughout my route I had cops at every 2kms. They were out in full force due to the high terror threat on Independence Day. I was sort of expecting them to stop me atleast a couple of times, as my waist pouch (which includes a sipper) which could appear very suspicious to them. After a lot of effort I did manage to complete my run (the minor change in route added to the misery)

As I wanted to pick up another pair of running shoes, I went to one malls located at Lower Parel (which is about 4kms from my regular cafe. The High Street Pheonix Mall, is the largest horizontal malls in Bombay (and maybe the country). So it gives one a sense of lot of free open space, quite unless the usual malls which try to cramp a lot of stores, by growing vertically. The security here was extremely high and I was frisked atleast 4 times, each time I entered a new wing. The threat in this particular mall was specifically high, as there is a store called Big Bazaar (which is the anchor tenant for the mall) and every Independence Day they have some ridiculously amazing deals on most products, which they publicize and ensure an overwhelming turnout. Last time they had to call the police to control the crowds. This time it could have been worse, as every visitor had to be frisked thoroughly, before entering the mall.

I have gone a step further and made by travel arrangements for the Hutch Delhi Half marathon, so in all probability I would be a part of it.

I also got to know that there is another small half marathon taking place this Sunday, August 19, 2006 at Andheri (a western suburb of Bombay), will use it as a substitute to my regular Sunday run. Am yet to get more details on it.

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