Saturday, June 23, 2007

Comeback run...

As planned I did try and run for a km on my way back from work (thanks to the massive traffic jam). I followed it up with another run late evening, as it was something that I could not afford to miss. Not only would it give me some idea about my ability to go for a run tomorrow morning, but also give me an opportunity to run in the rain, first time this year.

I decided to make the most of it. I did about 3km, followed by nice and enjoyable coffee break in the rain and another 3km return run. It was pouring today, but I was determined to go for my run and it all turned out better than anything that I could have hoped for.

Although my legs did not feel too good at the start, thing were not so bad once I started running. This is a normal feature whenever one is returning from a injury. Your mind still feels the imaginary injury and as the muscles do not feel normal, but there is actually a thin line between the ghost injury (post recovery) and the injury not having healed completely. You just have to follow your instincts and determine if its the former or latter. God forbid if its the latter, you are sure to be down and out for a long time...

Eagerly looking forward to tomorrow morning, hoping for some good luck. I badly need to get back to running, as I have already lost a lot of time and can't afford to lose any more. I will be careful and will not push myself too much tomorrow, even if things are good. I hope to do more regular runs to start off, instead of longer runs.

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