Sunday, June 03, 2007

latest update on GTM

I have moved one step ahead on my Leh marathon trip. I have got some great airfares on my Mumbai - Delhi - Mumbai trip, so now I have two modes of transport in place for the trip. My Delhi - Manali - Leh trip road bookings are not in place, and don't plan to do anything about it for now. Might actually go without advance bookings for them. The return flight from Leh - Delhi also seems to be in place. So the only major hurdle left now is the lodging arrangement at Leh. Hope to wrap this up my next week, if everything goes well.

Now I just need to step up my marathon preparations, I have about 45days to get ready for the big run.


beanz said...

I'm pleased its all comng together

Anonymous said...

Sounds good buddy - organized as always. All the best!

Girish said...

Thanks a lot. Yes, its finally falling in place...