Saturday, June 09, 2007

Two good runs, one more to go..

I did 7.5km on Friday and 12km today, in 44mins and 1hr 12mins respectively. I hope to top it off with a good run on Sunday, hopefully well above 12km this time. I seem to be in good shape and things seem to going fine, except for a persistent stiffness in both my thighs. This never used to happen earlier, it was always the chins or calves which used to trouble me. But for the last few weeks they have been behaving very well, but my thighs are not feeling normal. I am still able to run whatever distance is required, though the start is a little difficult and after the run, I don't feel very comfortable walking.

I think I badly need to do some overall leg strengthening exercises (in addition to stretching - the only thing I normally ). Guess its high time I took it up.... Will update regularly on how consistently I am have been able to do it.


SAK said...

Hey, seems like you having been doing something different in your runs the past few weeks. Earlier probably your thigh muscles were not used as much. Things are all connected so look at the overall picture too and definately do some warm ups before the runs.

Girish said...

Its not really the warm ups. I need to do some leg strengthening exercises. So this was a warning for me, hope to take it very seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hi Girish,

Just saw your posts about thigh..I'd read somewhere (and have gone thru myself) that one cause can be a longer stride ie.trying to go faster by longer gets to thigh..
solution was shorter steps,faster tempo instead and not trying to stretch the stride.
Hope this helps.


Girish said...

Thanks Sandhu. But, in my case Stride could not have been an issue, as I always try to have shorter stride, without raising my legs too much, so that minimum effort is required for the stride.
I think its just lack of leg strengthening exercises in my routine.