Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Its been a good start to the week. Managed to run 6kms each on Monday and Tuesday as planned and did them in good time as well. It is currently extremely humid (at 95% humidity with a clear sky) in Bombay which makes running longer distances extremely difficult. I plan to take a break for the next two day and get back to running on Friday. I hope to use my Saturday well, as its an off day, might actually run twice that day or do a run and a swim that day.

The GTM travel schedule has also moved forward. I will be reaching Delhi in the evening on July 11 and will immediately take a bus to Manali. I hope to reach Manali by July 12 late morning, if that happens to be by 11am, I will take the Bus to Leh on that day itself. If not, I will either take a Taxi to Leh or take the Bus on the next day. The lodging in Leh also seems to be falling in place, hoping for a good deal on the same. My return is now completely in place, I have got my tickets for Leh - Delhi and Delhi Bombay. Hope to be in back in Bombay by noon on Sunday, July 22, 2007.


beanz said...

gosh - getting exciting!

Girish said...

Its almost feels like a complex story which is slowly unfolding. There are just so many variables to manage....