Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shivaji Park, pre and post morning showers

These were pictures clicked on my Camphone at Shivaji Park, at 9am in the morning on June 24, 2007 after my run.

The above two pictures were clicked around 10.30am at the same place. A clear demonstration of the excellent drainage system at the grounds. I guess its more natural than a man made drainage system.


Anonymous said...

For the future, title your before and after pics with "before" and "after" - also show them side by side for the greatest impact. If that is not possible on the blogsite, then post the "before" and "after" for one angle, one below the other and only then go to the next angle (faciliates for easier comparison for the viewer. Initially, I got confused by looking at the first two pics). Otherwise, great pics! Really tell the story well. Awesome to see pics of Bby during the recent rains and see the quintessential BEST buses - brings back memories of monsoons gone by... Thanks for posting them. Please continue to address "the life in BBY" part of your blog as Sandhu says...

Girish said...

Sure will do that. Thanks for the feedback on before and after, will take care.
Will also try and have more bombay on the blog.

SAK said...

Hey, Good to see all the pics.
The cathedral pics were remarkable and showed good workmanship. My favorite were the ones of the sun rays seen through the clouds. It was also interesting to see how the monsoons affected Bombay city. You did a good job shooting all the pictures !!!!!!

Girish said...

thanks SAK. I just need to be regular with pics, hope to bring more such stuff in future.